Advent Devotional

Please consider writing a contribution for this year’s Advent devotional.  In light of the crazy year it has been, sometimes it is nice to examine our lives through scripture.  We are inviting you to look closely at the daily readings one day during advent and respond with your thoughts or reflections. These devotionals will then be collected and published so we can all share in preparing for the coming of our Lord.  I suspect many of us will have new insight and discoveries to make as we examine ourselves in Advent 2020.

If you would like to volunteer, or have questions please let me know at


How will I know what day I am supposed to cover?

When you volunteer, I will assign you a day and send you, via email, the readings for that day.

How long is this thing supposed to be?

Approximately 1 page, can be a bit shorter, but we are looking to publish each day on a fresh page in the booklet.

What if I am not a very good writer?

No problem, I am an English teacher, I know how to edit!  I always told the kids the hardest part is coming up with the idea.  An editor can fix your writing, it is the ideas that are important.

When is it due?

1 November, submitted via e-mail.   I have to have some time to get all the documents into one format, edited, arranged, copied, and delivered to the St. Nicks family in time for Advent.


Thank you for contributing to our church family devotional!